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Piloxing is a fantastic fusion of Boxing, Pilates and Dance.

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The boxing block is fast and furious where you will punch through boxing combinations. This is designed to build both speed and power…

Do you want to feel invincible both mentally and physically? This is shadow boxing, there is zero contact with anybody else.


Benefits of Piloxing Classes

Heart Health

Piloxing brings dance, boxing, and pilates in an interval workout that is core-intensive.

With the rise in heart rate and the focus on your core, you’ll be on your way to that dream body in no time.


Benefits of Piloxing Classes

Burn Calories

It is estimated that Piloxing burns between 500-900 calories per hour.

However, accelerated calorie burn is not the only benefit. Regular Piloxing sessions can improve speed, flexibility, and stamina.


Benefits of Piloxing Classes


All of this movement and stretching of the muscles really limbers you up! That’s a good thing.

By being more flexible you can reduce joint and back pain as well as improve your balance and overall wellbeing.

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