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Spinning is a great workout for your legs and really pushes your limits

We have created a separate Spinning studio, with flashing lights, glow in the dark bulbs and pumping music. Our energetic instructors makes every class feels like a night club!

If you have not done a spin class before, we understand how tough it might seem to be. We will set you up and show you how to safely use your bike..

You will be in full control of your bike and your class. That’s why Fitbug excels and was even nominated for the best spin classes in Ireland.

These classes are suitable for beginners too or higher levels of fitness.


Benefits of Spinning Classes

Heart Health

Spinning – or indoor cycling – is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health.

It provides the same benefits as other forms of cardio, such as running, swimming, and elliptical training.

It’s perfect for those who want a cardio workout without putting too much pressure or stress on their joints.


Benefits of Spinning Classes

Burn Calories

Indoor cycling classes are a great way to burn calories.

Depending on the difficulty and duration of the class, you can burn 400 to 600 calories per class.

You’ll have to attend classes three to six times per week to see weight loss results.


Benefits of Spinning Classes

Muscle Groups

Spinning or indoor cycling is a total-body workout and works all of the major muscle groups. Here are seven areas you work and how you use them while you’re cycling:

  • Core
  • Upper Body
  • Back
  • Glutes
  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Lower Legs

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