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Designed to improve muscle function and increase your cardiovascular levels

Improving your cardio levels will help you to perform tasks better, faster and you will recover quicker because you are fitter.

When was the last time you needed to lift something heavy and carry it for a distance? Was it a struggle? Were you out of breath afterwards?

Improving your cardio levels with Strength & Conditioning classes will help you to perform tasks better and faster and you will recover quicker because you are fitter.


Benefits of Strength & Conditioning

Improved Performance

Strength and conditioning will improve your performance over time.

A good Strength & Conditioning Coach is key to maximising your capabilities to improve performance as they will be able to identify key areas of improvement and also measure your results accurately.


Benefits of Strength & Conditioning

Injury Prevention

A key factor in strength and conditioning classes is fully assessing a client’s movement patterns so that you can use movement techniques to prevent future injuries.

Injury prevention is highly beneficial to athletes and amateurs alike.


Benefits of Strength & Conditioning

General Good Health

The combination of strength training, HIIT training, plyometrics and cardio conditioning that characterise strength and conditioning training help to increase cardiovascular health as well as muscular, skeletal and mental health.

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